Counsellor & Focusing Professional


"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change."  Carl Rogers


My Approach

We thrive best within interactions that are alive, responsive and reliable. It is in the engaged encounter that practitioner and client form a co-agency for growth and new experience. 

As a Focusing-Oriented Counsellor, I value an approach that invites forward-living energies and develops open, friendly curiosity towards oneself.

My Special Interests

These include - but are not restricted to - bereavement, loss, life crises, and health challenges. I also work with a variety of other concerns, and I welcome people from the LGBTI community to my practice. I have had some experience of working with women survivors of domestic abuse.

My Counselling Practice

My practice is situated in Plumstead, Cape Town. 

My contact number is 083 9477 183 and you are welcome to call with any questions you may have about starting a counselling process.

 What Counselling Can Offer

Counselling can offer a safe and accompanied passage through a crisis, a loss, an illness, or perhaps a more general sense of being ill-at-ease in the world.

It can be a rich self-resourcing option for people who wish to vitalize their life process, shift dynamics that impede relationships, "reset" stuck places, or find a more satisfying "fit" in the world.

Counselling is an opportunity to examine one's situation afresh, in a confidential space, and to sense the possibilities implicit in our predicament. New steps and opportunities can often be found within the difficulties themselves. 

A therapeutic space facilitates discovery of one's own capacities for good counsel and steerage.  It can reconnect people with their own source of vitality and resilience.

"Listening makes a space into which something new can come."  

Eugene Gendlin


Contact me

Call me on 083 9477 183

Alternatively, e-mail me 

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