Pam Wernich

What is Focusing?

Focusing is a wonderfully helpful practice of finding the body’s own wisdom and potential, by connecting us with that which lies just beyond what we already know about ourselves and our experience. We tap into this potential via a bodily “felt sense” of an issue or dilemma, and then we bring it into clearer focus. New self-knowing and fresh possibilities emerge, often bringing some kind of easing. 

What are the Origins of Focusing?

Focusing was developed by psychologist and philosopher Eugene Gendlin at the University of Chicago during the 1960s. In collaboration with Carl Rogers, he did extensive research into what makes psychotherapy successful for some people and less so for others. He went on to devise a set of skills that teach the kind of self-attending that he observed in the clients who had successful therapy outcomes. He called this set of skills Focusing.

How Can Focusing Help?

Focusing is a capacity we can nurture to help us make more authentic life choices,  and to explore issues and dilemmas from a grounded inside place. Focusing can reveal our forward-living energies, and help us live more comfortably with strong emotions and anxieties.

Focusing encourages the kinds of attitudes that help us to nurture greater kindness and friendliness towards ourselves. This is immeasurably helpful in relation to the places inside us that feel troubled, wounded, stuck or thwarted.


Focusing Workshops

If you would like to learn Focusing on a group training workshop in Cape Town, please e-mail me your interest, and I will let you know when the next workshop will be taking place.

"One comes to know how to find one's own inner source, in regard to almost any situation or concern. It puts one beyond depending on a therapist or guru for how to live." Eugene Gendlin

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